Terms And Conditions


    • We KATANA SYSTEMS SRL as Transport Airport Bucharest will act as booking agent in the booking of the transportation services on this website.
    • In making a booking you confirm you have read and accept these terms of business and information on our website and have the legal capacity and authority to accept these terms of business on behalf of yourself and all passengers.

    • Transport Airport Bucharest is a booking agent of the Supplier of transportation services. These terms of business set out the basis on which we will make your booking for the transportation services featured on our website.

    • Supplier it's the company that will fulfill your transfer or transport service.
    • The main Supplier is Katana Systems Company, Campina but it can also be other partner companies.

    • You make an offer to purchase transportation services online by completing the service booking request form or by send your information to our email address. This asks you to provide details which you are asked to confirm and we pass on to the Supplier.
    • Please check that all names, dates and timings are correct and let us know of any errors immediately.
    • The information that you are providing to us using your service booking will be passed on only to the Supplier.

    • You can pay for our service using cash directly to the driver. We accept Euro, Ron or USD currencies.
    • For online payment, using online services like PayPal, please contact us.

    • Changes to your booking must be sent to us in writing using email or WhatsApp and will not take effect until we receive them and confirm to you by email that the Supplier can implement the change.
    • If you request any change to the pick up or drop off location or number or age of passengers and this generates an additional charge (extra members for your jurney), you will have to pay the additional cost at the time of your arrival.
    • If the Supplier does not make a charge for the proposed change (for example the changing of flight number), no additional charges will be levied provided you request the change at least 2 hours in advance of travel
    • There will be no extra charge for flight delays

    • Any cancellation made with 2 two hours in advance of your pick up time from Otopeni Airport to Bucharest or Bucharest to Otopeni Airport is free of charge. In case of online payment, all your money will be refounded if you cancel up to 2 hours advance before pick-up time.
    • For any transfer from Otopeni Airport to any address outside Bucharest, or from Bucharest to any address except Otopneni Airport, the cancellation needs to be done with 24 Hours before pick up time. Otherwise you will need to pay the cost for your transfer.

    • Your contract for services is between you and the Supplier, and not with us. As agent we accept no responsibility for the provision of the service you booked.
    • Transport Airport Bucharest does not make any representations about the suitability of a particular type of transportation service for your needs, and is not responsible for your choice of service.
    • Any claim for compensation for death or personal injury resulting from the use of the service must be made to the Supplier of the service and shall be subject to the laws and to the jurisdiction of Romania.

    • All communication between us and you is by e-mail, phone or WhatsApp, so we strongly recommend that you read your e-mail prior to commencing your trip as any anticipated changes or cancellations with regard to your contract shall be notified to you at the e-mail address provided in your service booking request. We may also e-mail you with other information that you may find useful.
    • It is your responsibility to provide us with your current e-mail address and mobile telephone number and inform us of any changes. It is essential that you provide us with a mobile telephone number on which we can contact you during your trip in the unlikely event that we urgently need to contact you about your booking.
    • Our postal address is: Katana Systems SRL, Strada Zorilor Nr 7, Campina, Romania, telephone number: +40724554185, email: orders@transport-airport-bucharest.com, websites: www.transport-airport-bucharest.com

    • All your personal informations are stored using Secured Channels to Supplier Database.
    • The Supplier is not allowed to use în other purpose than your interest your personal information. Your e-mail address, mobile phone number or other personal data will not be revealed to anyone without your permission.
    • The only informations that will ever be sent to the drivers or other partner companies are:
      Your Name,
      Your Pick Up Date and Time,
      Your Flight Number
      Your Destination Address.
    • If you want for your personal information to be deleted from our Database, please write us an email : orders@transport-airport-bucharest.com

    • Transport Airport Bucharest can book the following transportation services:

      Private hire with driver:
      These transportation services are provided to the customer and his party according to the individual time and route requirements of the customer. The customer and his party will not travel with any other party.
      Shuttle or shared ride:
      These transportation services are provided to pre-booked customers on vehicles operating on flexible routing and flexible departure times. The customer and his party will travel in a vehicle shared with other customers on a vehicle most convenient to the Supplier.
    • For private hire transportation services from the airport, the driver shall wait a maximum of 60 minutes from the time of flight arrival specified by you. The waiting time by the driver from any other pick up point shall be restricted to 20 minutes from the selected pick-up time.
    • The Supplier retains absolute discretion to choose the route to your destination, and it may not necessarily be the most direct route or use toll roads.
    • You must tell us if minors are included on your service booking request. You are obliged to use the child car seats provided